Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Funny thing happened today

It's been almost a week since I posted but it has been a rough week. We finally launched our new program for the Subaru 2010 vehicles. The company I work for assembles the interior seats for the assembly plant up the road. My job involves all of the component parts that go into the seats and making sure they meet print specs.

With the weather being extra nice today (low 80's) I spent most of it outside. Even though the ground is still too wet to start construction, I tried to remove some of the sod from the construction sight but the Bobcat started sinking into the mud, so on to plan B - get on the mower. I did get the 4 acre front yard mowed in the areas that do not have standing water, now the backyard needs done. While working out back, I noticed on of my cats about 12 feet in the air sitting in a tree.

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that Prince (the cat) was actually duplicating a photo I created last fall for one of my Daily Challenges. Check out the first picture, the challenge was "Incongruent" so I digitally placed a cat in a bird's nest.

The next two pictures were taken this afternoon of Prince actually sitting in a bird's nest. I just had to head for the house to grab my camera. This was just too funny to miss. I don't know why he climbed the tree but I think it might be to stay out of the path of the dogs. We had let 6 Collies out to run and Prince might have thought it was safer up in the tree.

We had put the dogs back in their runs and as soon as I shot these pictures, Prince came down out of the tree and followed us to the house.