Sunday, September 20, 2009

We've been busy . . .

I sat here 2 weeks ago and typed up the entire post with the Labor Day weekend update and then LOST the whole thing when I hit the "Publish Post" link. Frustrated, I walked away. I have spend another week in Mexico since and am finally getting back with the update.

In the pictures, you will see a man named Harvey, he is my neighbor and a great guy that gave up half of his holiday weekend to help us. He enlisted his 2 sons, their friends and another friend of his, Seth. With my SIL, Matt, and his friend Joe, at times, we had 10 hammers in action. I'll let the pictures tell most of the story.

My SIL Matt getting ready to anchor a truss.

L to R Harvey, Matt and Joe.

Trusses up and most of the purlins in place.

Harvey, Seth and Joe spend most of the afternoon in the air.

Joe, Seth, Matt and Harvey taking a much deserved break.

By Sunday afternoon, the roof framing was almost complete.

This view is my studio end, the 15 lite door is for the studio and the 9 lite door beside it will go into the garage. The 2 windows to the right will be in the office part and the other one in the studio.
Since Labor Day, we have been framing some of the areas that still needed it, painting doors and adding some of the trim pieces, getting everything ready to have a "Steel Hanging Party" Hopefully the same crew will show up and be ready to help. This project is taking longer that I had hoped but at the rate it's going, I'll have plenty to keep me busy this fall and into winter.

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