Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Month to go . . . .

My daughter is at the 8 month point in her pregnancy and today (Saturday) was the Baby Shower hosted by the other Gamma (this is her first grandbaby) and my son-in-law's cousin. Check out the Diaper "cake" used for a centerpiece. I thought this was a really cute idea. Each diaper was rolled and held together by a pink and white bead bracelet for the guests to take home.

The theme for the nursery is "Baby Looney Toons" thus the design on the cake.

One of the party games was "Bobbing for Nipples" and the only person game to try this was the Daddy-to-be, my SIL Matt. If you can't tell, he's a huge Steeler's fan.

Here is my daughter, Angie, opening the gifts for the baby. She has 2 other daughters but the youngest is over 8 so she had gotten rid of all of her old baby stuff and is starting from scratch.

Just a footnote - I started this post last night, then was suddenly hit with some kind of stomach bug and here I am finishing it 24 hours later. I am feeling somewhat better, but not where I would like to be.


  1. What fun! Your daughter looks like she's handling this pregnancy very well!

  2. That looks like such fun, I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well! :)

  3. Are you doing maternity pictures and newborn shots too?

  4. I've only taken a few belly pictures so far but want to take more next weekend. Here is what I have:
    Can't wait to get the newborn pictures.