Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Splurged a Little Yesterday

My husband has supported my photography since I jumped back in with both feet last year when I got my first DSLR. He is always wanting to find out what I need to be able to do the job right. In fact since he does most of the shopping, he will pick up items that he thinks will make good props in my studio. Well, since we recently got his disability settlement check, I asked him if there was something that HE wanted. Afterall, he deserves a new "toy" once in a while himself, so yesterday we went to the electronic store so find something he wanted (and just in time for the game).

But don't worry, I didn't come out empty handed either, here is my new little toy, an undercabinet/shelf mounted TV/Radio/DVD/CD player. I mounted it under the book shelf in the study to replace the 13 inch that sat on the counter taking up precious real estate.