Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweeping Curves

I was playing around with light reflections on sweeping curves and graceful movement and I chose one of my John Perry seal figurines on driftwood to shoot. Since my name is Cel, it just seemed right for me to collect seals and sea lions. Having collected seals in about every form possible (short of a live one) for close to 40 years I have somewhere around 1000 of them. I have several of the John Perry, in both black and white but chose a white one to shoot against black for a more dramatic effect. I rotated it to capture it from several angles and increased the contrast to make the white (actually more of a cream color) pop more. C & C welcome and very much appreciated.

Even though it's late or actually early on 2/1/09, this is my 1/31/09 posting.