Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Road Trip

Today was a long day. A colleague and I took a road trip to the St. Louis area to visit a supplier. One day over and back and getting anything done turned into a 14 hour work day, but the good news is, I don't have to work tomorrow. On our way back, we took I-70 through St. Louis and took a slight detour so I could snap a few shots of the Arch. I had been there one other time but that was about 30 years ago.

Most of the drive back was pretty boring and seemed to take forever. By the time we reached Indianapolis, I decided to get my camera back out and play with the lights on the road. I took the next 2 (from the passenger seat) using about a 6 sec exposure going about 70 mph. I thought the two below made for some interesting pictures. It took a few minutes to figure out the green lines. It was the green from the overhead information signs reflecting back into the light fixtures on the other side of the interstate.


  1. WOW those last 2 are amazing I LOVE them, way cool!

  2. Love that ARCH photo and the other too are just amazing. Very cool.