Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What next??

No picture today, just an update. Yesterday Little Miss Allyssa went home but today she is back at the hospital. Oh, not for her, her mommy, my daughter had a sudden gall bladder attack. I found a text message this morning telling me that Angie, Matt and Allyssa were back at the hospital. Yesterday was also their 2nd wedding anniversary. They were getting ready to go out to dinner when she suddenly got hit with the pain. Around midnight they went to the ER and about 5:00 am she was admitted and will probably have surgery Friday.

My husband picked up the big sisters, Ashley and Destiny, after school, told them to pack a bag and brought them to our house. So no time for pictures tonight. Right now, trying to get the homework finished and get them to bed (so I can get to bed). This old woman (me) hasn't been getting enough sleep this week and I'm tired. You can run on "new baby adrenaline" for so long. Good Night

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