Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yesterday's Deliveries

I tried to post these yesterday but the weather interupted my satellite internet service and I lost the whole post so I will try it again this morning.

Due to some "communication" issues with Menard's we had to accept some of our construction material about a month before we had planned. This meant we had to get the site cleared for the building. This also means that as soon as Mother Nature dries out the "mud pit" we can actually get started putting the garage/studio together. Below is a picture of where the building will be. I drew lines on the picture to show where the building will be.

Yesterday morning I got a call about 7:45 telling me that the materials were being loading on a truck and that they would be delivered shortly. Around 9:00 the truck showed up and here is the first pallet of construction lumber coming down the drive.

After trying to find suitable spots to park pallets be got to the BIG stuff. Check out the 6 x 6 posts that hold the building up. The longest is 24 foot long. My big concern is how to stand these things up in a 4 foot deep hole, but thankfully my neighbor, who works in construction has offered his assistance, which is greatly appreciated.

This whole process will be documented with photos. I plan to take a picture standing in the same spot as the first picture and try to string them all together as a movie so we can see the building go up in a few seconds. We don't have a goal for a completion date, but I definately don't want to be working out in the sun when it is 80° to 90° outside. Check back for updates (and/or frustration vending).

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