Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still behind but not as bad . .

I'm still behind in posting but not as bad. Tonight's picture is a second attempt at my "Daily Challenge". The challenge is "Before and After" so my original plan was to take a potato and transition it to potato chips. The pictures in the camera looked pretty good so I started scrunching on the few unbroken chips that I had found in the bag. I plugged the memory card into the computer and to my total dismay, I realized that I had bumped the ISO way up last might trying to take some star pictures (with no luck, I might add) and had forgotten to return it to ISO 100. The pictures were too grainy to use and all I had left were the potato chip crumbs so now I needed another idea.

Still on the same train of thought, I retreived a lone onion from the refrigerator that I had used in a vegetable still life earlier. So now the plan was to transition from an onion to onion rings and here is the result which I like much better. It just goes to prove that sometimes you need to take a few wrong turns to reach your final destination.

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