Sunday, March 15, 2009

Presenting Allyssa Madison

Well, here she is at 8 hours old. You can't see the head of thick brown hair here, but she has a lot of it. She has quite a few little scratches from her own fingernails, but other than that pretty much a perfect little girl. From what Angie is telling me, she eats like a little piggie, which is a good thing.

I didn't get a picture of her and her 2 big sisters but I will after everyone gets home and settled.

Check out the long little toes on this kid, and they are ticklish too. Not a whole lot to say at this point, just stay posted for new pictures as I get them taken.


  1. Mmmmm Look at those yummy little cheeks! Congratulations!!!!! My favorite parts are the fingernails. They are so very tiny :o)