Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Stayed Inside Tonight

After getting home from work late and a snow storm coming, I stayed in tonight and played with my light box. I was working on, I guess you would call it, product shots or stock photography shots. I posted one in the Daily Challenge for one of my Flickr photography groups ( and I another one here just so I can get my daily photo posted. Not very exciting but overall not a bad photo I would say.

Kendra asked about the lighting so I'll add a picture of the set-up using 4 compact flourescent 30 watt bulbs on light stands (2 low on the outside, 2 high inside the box) and one in a hair boom above the lightbox.


  1. Ooooo nice shot. My favorite too... Vanilla.

  2. Gorgeous lighting. I have a light box, and have never even tried to use it. lol. Funny how I can manage to shoot with big lights, but little spaces intimidate me. I am a dork...

    This is a great product shot.

  3. Great product shot and love the black background!

  4. Its a fantastic product shot :)! Beautiful lighting on it. What did you use with the light box?