Friday, January 16, 2009

Road Trip Day 5 - Heading Home

Pretty uneventful day. I had wanted to try the tunnels again but my GPS routed us a different way out of Detroit so we did not go through the area with the tunnels. Instead it was pretty much a boring drive for about 6 hours. The good thing about the drive was that at least the roads were in good condition, cold as h*ll (-5°), but not snow covered. Today's picture will be my favorite thing to see besides my family when ending a roadtrip - my driveway! I'm home again in one piece. Thanks for taking the trip with me.


  1. Ahhhh Home sweet home!

  2. I love the open road... Thank you for your prayers and kind words, I really do appreciate it.

  3. Look at that sky. I've so enjoyed reading about your trip!