Monday, January 12, 2009

Road Trip Day 1

We started our drive this morning about 7:00 and headed north. The farther north we went, the more snow we found, thankfully, the snow was NOT on the road. The pines and spruces along the interstate were beautiful with the snow on the branches but getting pictures at 70 mph is pretty much impossible. So we stopped at a Rest Area in hopes of finding some of these beautiful trees but when we pulled in - Not an evergreen within 1000 yards. So I took the picture of the bench with the snow piled high and we were back on the road.

An hour or so later we were into the Detroit area and going through the tunnels so I decided to see if I could get the tunnel light to streak by taking a picture out the windshield still doing about 70 mph. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

I still wanted to get some pictures showing the big icicles that I was seeing everywhere and once I got to my room I didn't have to look very far. These were right outside my window.

Who knows what I will find to photograph before the week is over, but you'll see it here not too long after I shoot it.


  1. Hi Cel! That second shot is very cool. I wonder what that same shot would look like at night with the tail lights.

  2. I really like the bench shot - I assume it's saying - "do not sit here." :)

  3. Nice series of shots! Stay warm!
    I love the bench shot!

  4. I love the step by step of the trip. The bench is pretty and the tunnel is really cool.

  5. Thanks Andrea for the "tail lights" idea and everyone else for your thoughts. When we head home on Friday morning it should still be dark (and rush hour) so I will try again in the tunnel and maybe set the shutter a little longer. If it turns out, you'll see it on Friday evening.

  6. Nice shots and the tunnel one is totally neat!